Need Website Creator for New Upcoming VA

I need a website creator for a new VA I am starting with a friend here. So we need a person to create our website so that we can start the VA.(We are in contact with the IFVARB)

You could try and create one yourself with weekly, it’s a great and free website builder that is highly reccommended. Try it see how you go! :)

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Wix would be a better option in my opinion, there’s more tons of features there!

Sketch flight @Anush_Patel and @Skylines would be a better option

Hi ,
I can create a website like / for free , if interested please PM Me

@DipperDolphin perhaps you could come in handy ?

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Hi there!

Here is a template that may come in handy:

If you want, I can customize it for you. Note you’ll need to host it yourself, but that can be done on GitHub pages.

Of course Weebly and Wix are there, but making it yourself is more fun ;)

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I would not suggest using weebly or wix. It makes your website look completely unprofessional with the subdomain + footer adverts.

Weebly actually doesn’t have many ads apart from the footer, so I would say it’s the best option.

Of course you could build the thing on Weebly, then export it and remove all the branding.

I’ll be mucking around converting my template for a random va here:

Weebly is okay, the websites look quite good, but the best are usually user made. You have far more control, but it is quite technical, and for a beginner HMTL + CSS and Javascript is quite difficult to learn, but @DipperDolphin’s template gives the basics.

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