need violation help

I was running in-flight on an older device because my main phone was very busy with constant phone calls and it kept ruining the audio
“” Quick sidenote for some reason if I get a phone call and ignore it ATC audio goes away and sometimes SFX audio goes away “””

Anyway the App is glitchy and the older phone in the phone gets hot …

I reached TOD near lax and phone froze … knowing better I didn’t touch the screen or it will close the app and this is a long flight so I don’t wanna lose it

Long story short it started working again but I had five violations I don’t know what happened :(

My record has been pretty clean I go out of my way to avoid violations Was wondering if i could get some help with this

Currently in training for IFATC expert server with adam_willoms

And in IFATC training

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I have this exact same problem! Very annoying!

I recommend you contact a moderator or staff for help. If you can, give us the replay so we can see what happened.


I’m still new to the community forum how do I do that?


Just go ahead and PM MishaCamp or DeerCrusher. If they are not available, contact another moderator.

Well if you keep getting calls and such, there’s a good thing called Do not disturb:) Never receive any notifications:)

Have you checked your logbook to see what you got the violations for? I have a little suspicion, but I’d rather not speculate. Check your logbook and see what it says there 😊

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How do I find the moderators

Just @ them

I didn’t over speed that i saw anyway … an its weird if u look at time stamp 3 were issued at the same time

It doesn’t show the seconds. They were 20 seconds apart, which can happen three times in a minute.

But without the replay, there is nothing anyone can do.

I would suggest you check the replay as over speed is given automatically and not from ATC

What might help is if you could share your replay file to figure out what happened exactly.

In the end, it will be a moderators decision what will happen with those violations, depending on the circumstances.

You can find a list of all moderators on this page (mods have the nametag ”moderators”).

As you already created this topic now, I think it would be the best for you to share the replay file and then we wait until you get an official response. There isn’t much more we can do from our side at the moment.

What is a replay file?

Check out this great thread by Chris.

You can find out how to access and export the file there.

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