Need to Restore my Old Grade 3 account

I have been a pilot here for a long time. Although I’m not a big-time gamer, this simulator hooked me up, and I’m in love with it. I was away for one or two months due to exams, so I uninstalled and unsubscribed from the platform during that time. Now, I can play it again. I bought the subscription, but it shows my old account is linked to this forum and the same for Discord too. Help me out; I know how I reached grade 3.

Device: Samsung S21
Operating system: Android 13

Are you using the same device and/or Play Store account as when you used to play?

Yeah, I am using the same Email ID as I have used before.

I may be wrong, but if your IFC account was linked previously I’m pretty sure that if you reinstalled with same email ID then it will automatically reconnect, because that’s what it did for me when I got a new device.

What is the callsign of the new account? Sounds like we have a new account situation.

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I tried changing it to my old, so I changed it. Currently, it is Ryanair 122

It has occurred before. But, i didn’t pay enough attention i was only on grade 1 back then. But, then again, i created different community account and linked it with that. Now, it has occurred again. The problem with this issue is, they don’t allow you to enter your own Call-sign until you buy the subscription and you are provided with a different call-sign. When you buy subscription, the provided call-sign gets linked with the account creating a problem there.

Okay! I have got my old account but now it shows i need subscription where I already have it. Can you fix this issue?

It’s been fixed now :)

Just restart the app and you should be good to go!

Thanks a lot! Going on a long haul now haha :))

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@schyllberg to the rescue once again! 👍🙂