Need to repurchase the game

Hi I’m wondering why do I need to repurchase the game if I already bought it on my device with the same google play account. I’m just tryna test the game on an android emulator.

The game doesn’t work by account. It works by Apple store or play store. You have to re buy it if you want to switch platforms 👍

I’m not switching platforms. I bought the game on my PIXEL 2XL and my iPhone 11, this means I have the game on both platforms. Due to the fact that there is no iOs emulator I downloaded an android one (Bluestacks) to try out the game on pc. But when I sign in with the google play account I bought the game with it tells that I didn’t buy it although I did.

Irrelevant here.

@Blue_Lantern - it’s a common Play Store bug. If you’re 100% sure it’s the correct account, you can proceed. It should not charge you again.

However, it’s a waste of time for the moment since the available version of the app will not work with Bluestacks and crash immediately upon launch.

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Alright, thank you.

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