Need to report ATC and Approach

Just had a very confusing approach into Marseille. They crazy!

@TaipeiGuru was the approach controller at Marseille. You can PM him.

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I believe @TaipeiGuru was actually the controller at the time, I had spawned in at the time but he was still on center frequency. ;)

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@Khaleeb_Ali I was your tower controller as well. If you have anything to discuss with me as well, feel free to PM!

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Taipei was Center.

I can I assure you, I am the only “crazy” member of IFATC 😂. All members go through extensive training, and know exactly what they’re doing. Like mentioned above, contact the controller, and they will explain their thought process. We do everything we can to give the best, most efficient, and safest service possible! 😁


Nah, you’re perfect @bcc.123 😂

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Please pm the controller