Need to buy infinite flight again?

Hey guy, if I bought new phone did I need to buy again infinite flight? Thanks you

I feel you are switching the company that makes the phone I believe so but you don’t need to re-buy the subscription, I mean like if you get rid of an apple device and replace it with a Samsung you will have to spend the 5 bucks to buy it again but not the 80 bucks for the subscription. If you switch from an iPad mini 3 to an iPhone 11 then you don’t have to re-purchase infinite flight.

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As long as your subscription is connected to Google or Facebook, your active subscription should still be available. If you are switching from Apple iOS to Android, you will have to pay for the app itself. However, if you are using the same Apple ID or Play Store account, you should be okay.

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And the app I need to buy it again?

What are you switching to?

Android → Android, no need to repurchases as long as the account used in Play Store is the same.
iOS → iOS, same as above. But Apple-ID.

Any other way, you’ll need to repurchase the app.

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OK thanks :)

Android to android

Yeah you will be fine :)

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Thanks you :)