Need suggestions. Trying to get the best. Thanks

Hey guys I’m a level 3 been playing since April. Still not understanding a few things.

After the last update I rarely see maybe 3 others online. Before I’d see 167 flights usually in South California. Now i see 1 or 3 if that. Starting to get extremely boring.

It may be that my Samsung Tab G pad something with 4G LTE just doesn’t have the requirements. Also I’m not using the PC version so i can understand that.

Is there something I can try to get more out of my current situation?

Also i bought an old Saitek X45 with no throttle. Years ago i had windows gold edition with the X52 throttle and stick that was maybe in 2004 even my computer couldn’t handle that. Thats not my concern i have a solution for that haha.

I saw a video on YouTube someone was using the mobile phone with his joystick connected into his Google Chromecast. And he had everything plugged in well. He used a keyboard for some other things.

I’m wondering if I can somehow do the same. I’m planning on buying a good set up with a good pc then I’ll have no other problems.

Till then what can I do to get more out of the mobile version?

Also i checked out the settings I fixed a few things im thinking I may have messed with the settings or the network? I looked at the different networks and i now only have access to 1 of the 3 that usually pop up. This was never a problem till last week,

If anyone knows alot about infinite flight that can help please do help me. Thank you, I’m N29S22 I’ve watched alot of tutorials and other youtube videos.

I’m in Flight School but I use this bc I enjoy the crap out of avaiton. I love it and I’m starting to love flight simulators. Thank you, -Berj Yepremian Jr

You can always play on casual or TS1 and see a bunch more people…

With global there are less people in a concentrated area thats why you don’t see many other people flying

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Looks like you don’t have the latest version.
Does your device meet the minimum requirements?

And you can follow the tutorial here to get your joystick to work:


If you want to see more people, I suggest you fly in ATC manned areas.
There is a schedule published by Tyler every week, pinned at the top.

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Hello! The reason you might not see as much players is because of the new feature where you can only see people on the map/game that are a certain distance from you. I don’t recall the distance that it is, but it was because of performance reasons. There are plans to fix it in a later update!

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Yeah I’m not having that option like I used to wondering if I messed up the settings or if it’s just my Samsung…thank you

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That would make sense, it’s gotten really boring because theirs no more ATC showing up online as well. The Airport has 0 traffic any airport. It’s the update is what you’re saying? Okay no problem i will hang in there, thank you!

Yep everyone near enough is on the new version so the ATC won’t work for both versions hence why you don’t have any ATC controlling.

I usually fly where the ATC is that’s usually SoCAL Like LAX San Clamente etc. I should’ve taken a screen shot to show what exactly I’m seeing on my screen. Its not the free version I paid for the live and for the planes. Thank you for your help!

To be honest the situation won’t improve, the only option is you get a newer device but that’s easier said then done. Hang In there, hopefully soon you will experience the new update!!

I do remember updating the infinite flight is it because I’ve downloaded other big apps and need the room for this to work well? If that’s the case I’ll clear out every app consuming a 1gb or more but if it’s my tablet I’ll either start building my PC to handle the PC version and I’ll have microcenter put together the yoke and throttle rudder and everything else I’ve got hopefully I have less to worry about and just start over from scratch,

No big deal this tablet already has a cracked screen so I’m sacrificing quite a bit already. Looking for the cheapest way around this already paying for flight school otherwise I’d have the best set up i could get lol thank you for everything i appreciate all the help,

Please launch Infinite Flight, go to the about page and share the version number of Infinite Flight. A screen shot would be nice.

Please click on the server button to bring up the list of servers. A screen shot of that would be helpful.

I am focused on your app at the moment. Not the joystick issues.

My tablet doesn’t have a screen shot ability I can try a few things but let me get you the information very quickly thank you for offering some help. I’ll get back to you in a moment

Are you restricted to regions?

16.13.6356.18319-SM-T217T - [DEBUG BUILD]

Training Server Load 0%

ATC Online
ATIS 133.80 unavailable not authorized.
Ground 121.65 Available
Tower 120.95 Available
Approach 124.30 (KLAX,KHHR,KTOA,KSMO) Available
Departure 124.70 (KLAX) Available
Center 133.10 (KLAX) Available.

I can’t fly from Example PHL to KLAX. Just allowed to fly in the region. It makes it extremely boring.

It sounds like you have the old update. Can you update it in the app store?

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It’s a non supported device I believe.

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Device is not supported.
Infinite flight is not supported on a PC even in an emulator.
Deleted your post due to language.
Closing thread