Need suggestion : Cathay vs Lufthansa for a trip [Mumbai to San Francisco]

Hi All,
I will be travelling from Mumbai to San Francisco soon and I need to book tickets in premium economy.

Which one is better, CX or LH

For my preference it depends on airframe and price, ive seen excellent service from both airlines

Whichever is cheaper, although I prefer Cathay Pacific to Lufthansa as to me, it’s a much better airline. Plus Hong Kong is a great airport!

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@jdag2004 @Sammy_Droubi Price no concern . Need better service. Mumbai to frankfurt is a 744 and then A380. Cathay is A330 and 777. Which is better for prem. Economy.

Lufthansa, I’ve seen their cabin and it looks nice

id go with lufthansa their seats are very nice and large

Lufthansa and Cathy arn’t really that good tbh if price isn’t a concern Why don’t you fly emirates from Mumbai to San Francisco or singapore airlines to san francisco.

I haven’t had very good experiences on Lufthansa, but the last time I flew them was in 09. CX seem to have a very good product and I’ve flown them once. I’d suggest going Cathay based on your options, but I could try and find you a deal on a better airline if you give me your dates :).

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What makes Emirates better than Lufthansa or Cathay? I think Emirates is overrated. Also, Emirates doesn’t even have premium economy.


Go with Lufthansa! Great airline, great service, great airport and aircraft

Both premium economy are not the best.

Still going with Cathay if given the choice of only these 2.

I’m sure you know what I’m going for. Cathay Pacific tends to have amazing servece in my experience. Also, they have a great IFE.


I’ve never actually flown Lufty before, but I have flown on Cathay. Their service is excellent, and I highly recommend them (though I am biased :p)

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Is UA an option? If so you could fly BOM-EWR-SFO

Cathay have a premium economy cabin from mumbai to San Francisco? I have no idea about that… from an avgeek view,fly with Lufthansa because the 744 is so rare these days

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Both are terrible, you should fly to Delhi and then to San Francisco on Air India.

In all seriousness I think you should fly on Cathay Pacific, I’ve had very pleasant experiences when flying with them.

Just for the chance to fly a 744 before they are retired, I would choose Lufthansa.

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Emirates has no premium economy. Price not a point between CX andLH. 😋 Iv flown by Emirates once. Their economy also is awsm.

CX has prem economy from Hong Kong to sf. Not between Mumbai and Hong Kong