Need Staff For VO (Anyone Interested?)

Hey All,

I think you might know the topic of this topic based on the title. My VO is in need of 3 high up positions (ranks) in our staff. We are in need of these positions by the end of tonight. If anyone is interested please PM me privately. It is a great opportunity personally and I think some of you out there might like to engage in. The VO is in the stages of the certification process with the IFVARB (past the first stage) and soon will be coming to the end (complete approval). We are in need of these individuals due to the fact that we need a full workforce and we are launching our crew center tomorrow. If anyone is interested please DM me @American1345_Super or our recruiter @zion89 to fill out our staff application.

Thank you for your time and have a nice night.

Chief Executive Officer | Fly Global Virtual


Hi there,

Feel free to utilize the Prospective VA Staff Request Thread thread for staff openings.

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Ah ok. Thank you. Someone can close this topic I guess now. Thank you for your help.

Well if anyone interested dm me or go to