Need staff for my VA

Hi there i need staff for my VA (Vueling), any help is appreciated!
I do not know where else to post this so sorry if this can not be posted here.

PM members you want to hire as staff. Calling for staff on a public forum without an IFVARB approved VA is not allowed.

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Have you received a confirmation/approval that you’re allowed to have this VA?

Oh ok sorry. But how do i do that i mean if i’d PM an random guy chances are low i will find someone who can help me.

No, im still in the IVARB pending approval list.

Find those you can trust. Don’t just PM anyone you don’t know. They could be trolls.

I have sent you a message always come discord and we settle with IVARB

Thanks for your advice Bert!

Ive seen it and i joined your server!

Ill flag my post