Need someone to video edit for me

I need someone who can edit something for me (a flight I took) that needs editing. The guy I had doing this for me is too busy to continue so I would greatly appreciate if someone can do this for me. Pm me if you can

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Is it a video or a photo?

It’s a video

If it was a photo, I would gladly do it. I don’t have editing software for a video, sadly

No I just want to add text like flight info and etc to the vid. I’m not looking for serious editing like you’re talking about lol

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I’ll try in iMovie, can you send via PM?

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Is a real life flight?

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I can help edit. But I need to know what you need.

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Here you have what he wants.

I can do that just give me the flight info I need to input

Attention to everyone interested! (@Pilot8 @Bulba etc.)
Please pm me and I will give you the details and etc.

Also yes this is a real life flight


i might be able to help some