Need Someone in an Etihad 777-300ER to come to KORD Gate C18

Need Someone in an Etihad A380 to come to KORD Gate C18 for pictures. Thank you.

What server?

I can do it

Okay. @Wren_Jago, I’ll need you in 5 minutes, @Bluepanda900, Training Server 2

Anything I can do?

Nothing, I’ll do all the work :)

What region is KORD

Meaning, should I spawn as anything?

Chicago, it’s free.

Chicago lol

Yeah … an Etihad A380 …

Got it on my way

Oh, ok, I thought you only wanted 1 person. Should I spawn at C14?

Hold on, nobody is listening. @Bluepanda900, wait.

Am here ts2 gate c18

Okay. I need you to switch to a 787.

What shall I do?

Why can´t you spawn at KORD and take the pictures @PlanesForLife? You have the free camera.

imageJust spawned in

I need some in the 777-300ER