Need someone in a Generic A380 and Generic 747-400

Need someone to come in a generic A380 at Gate B22 Expert at KSFO! Please hurry!

What happenig there

Nothing! I’m just filming and I need someone to please hurry!

@DreamPilot can you come in an A380, and @Osman_Mohamed come in an 747-400

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Ok i Will come wait region

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San Fransico (it’s free), expert server, Gate B22

Okay coming

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Who else is Availabe?

Me! Capt. Kian,
What are we doing there?

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Come to San Fransico, gate B21 in a 747-400 hurry on expert server, hurry!

I’m coming soon!

Change to a BDash 8 Q400

Everybody disconnect! This is unorganized!

Gate B20 - A380 - @gshazzaam
Gate B23 - 737-700 - @PlanesForLife
Gate B21 - 747-400 - @kiandw
Gate B24 - Dash 8 - @Jan

Do you still need help?

Maybe … Nobody is listening!

Ok what do you need help with

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What the hell is everybody doing? Get back to your assigned gates!

@gshazzaam, come in an A380 with its assigned gate!

What gate in ksfo?

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Ok nevermind i got it B20

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