Need some1 to start a Va

Hey guys!

I am looking to start a VA as I am getting back to the community and I would like a co-founder to help me w it! I have an idea in mind but if you would like to help lmk, thanks!


what is it called?

I don’t wanna reveal too much to make it advertising but the name is under debate, currently preliminary name as I think of a better one though, rome air

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Are you basing it off a real life airline?

No, it will be fictional as most irl are taken and we have more freedom to run the airline as we want

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Well unfortunately your not in the best luck I do not have the stuff to make a VA :(

I may be wrong, but I don’t think these are allowed. There are actually a bunch of real life airlines for you to choose from.

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I am part of MXYV, and know some things about virtual airlines! If you have any questions, I would love to help!


I don’t think so, I applied w a different idea a while back and there was no issues w fictional

The IFVARB does approve fictional VA/VO’s. I will be honest and say that it can be difficult building interest with fictional VA/VO’s but there are plenty of success stories from fictional VA/VO’s as well. I’d say that so long as you’ve got an excellent idea with unique aspects, we’d welcome you to apply!

Drew C.


Fictional va’s are allowed, i had one once. It may seem easy to get it off the ground but you really struggle to gain members, with real va’s a lot of people have a regional, or a personal connection to the airline, so they join the va. You dont get that with Fictional VA’s, i would be happy to help you start a real va cause those are a lot easier to get new people, and keep them flying

Hey, CEO of Breeze Virtual here! If you need help, just let me know, as I do have experience with the whole application process! Hope this gets approved and best of luck!

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Thanks so much, I really appreciate it

Thanks everyone for the support!

Still looking for someone!

Hey @captain10 , shoot me a PM and we can discuss your options :)

Anyone interested in a job here? Co founder open

Yh I am definitely interested I have lots of experience in VAs and would love to help and become a co founder!!!

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PM me and we can discuss!

Do u have discord if so add me. NunoFu #1069

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