Need some tips for good landing.

Sometimes when I do longer flights I mess up on approach then make a terrible landing. Does anybody have some tips?

Do shorter flights with Touch and Goes to train landings and approaches.

An approach isn’t that different after a long flight. Maybe it’s about the plane though? Long Haul planes might be more difficult to land than Short/Medium Haul planes.


Okay, Thanks for the tip!

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Practice practice practice try the A320 first off it’s easy to handle though it does tend to slam down hard on the nose sometimes then work your way up the thing to remember is the bigger the plane the long it takes to slow down and turn especially on approach make sure you give yourself a long approach


I’d say don’t sweat it, look at the lines on the runaway if there are only one lines left (next to the centerline)
Then I’d suggest you slow the aircraft down because it doesn’t matter if you slam down because if you pass those lines realistically you’d have to go around.

Try and land with 20% trim and always keep a steady speed on approach, on an A320 you should try and flare at 128 knots, but don’t use throttle when flaring because you will definitely float, once you pass ‘20’ flare slightly,put throttle to 0% and gradually and slowly raise the nose, make sure flaps are full and spoilers are armed.

Try and have an approach speed of 140 and once you pass 1500 go into the low 130s and once you pass 100 then make it 125-130 knots. It all seems complicated but you can surely do it :)

I’m not the best at buttering aircraft but I have a steady approach and I try and butter, if you realize though that the aircraft isn’t flaring at the best V/S and you are trying to butter then just better try and land it normally because the more you try and butter the more runaway you use up and less chance of butter.

There is a thread made by @Kuba_Jaroszczyk with all the aircraft landing speeds, check his profile out to find it :)

Hope this helps :D


Thank you!

What works for me is to pay close attention to your flight path vector and ensure it is on or above the horizon during the flare


Know the aircraft’s landing speed, and maintain it. That is what actually helped me a lot because I used to be too slow to the point where I almost stall, and I also used to be too fast.


All good advice above, also mind your weight. You could theoretically top off a large jet to do touch and goes and be grossly overweight to do so. That would make for some horrible landings. Wind, weight, glide path, speed, all work together for good landings. Also, complete a calibration on your device before turning off autopilot to set your surfaces to zero.

Honestly, practice pattern work in a smaller GA aircraft. Know your 4 forces of flight and how to manipulate them. If you can butter a 172 in a crosswind those big trash haulers will feel easy!

Thank you so much quite a few of these tips have helped. I think my landings have seen improvement.

I agree, if your speed is just right, the plane will touch down exactly when you want it to, after you flare

Also, what really helped my landing skill, was changing the IF settings so my device sensitivity was lower.

Sorry for the late timing but welcome @MattW

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