Need some suggestions from IFC

Hey everyone, I have been doing some youtube videos for Infinite Flight Simulator lately and would like to get some suggestions if you can help.
My channel link is:
My latest video link is:
I am thinking of doing Live Flights on Youtube at Live ATC airports so that people can have a good idea of the gameplay and also everyone can see how i do my flights.
Should i try Live Flights on my Youtube Channel

  • Yes
  • No

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Also i am thinking of doing something more than just timelapse video as IF has much more content to offer. Need some suggestions.
Which other content in my videos will you like?

  • Spotting Landings
  • Tutorials
  • Moments
  • Timelapse

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Also if you have any more suggestions fell free to comment down below. Would love to have a look at it.

Thank You everyone
Mervin_Sui (InfiniteMJMN)

I say go for it! Go out there and share our some of your content with people around the world and your journeys that Infinite Flight takes you. Do what you love to do is a huge suggestion I can make if you aren’t already. People will appreciate your content more if you put your love and dedication into your work. My suggestion to you also is to mix your content and include variety of things some of which that aren’t even listed in your poll to share. By mixing your content you have a better chance of receiving a bigger audience since you are covering different aspects and views of the simulator. Your channel will serve as a place for everyone to go to, to enjoy a wide array of content being produced that they prefer since a viewer may have different perspectives of the content they prefer to be shared. Best of luck with your channel! If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a pm.

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