Need some remedial training on ATC Advanced

I was flying around Hawaii yesterday and ran into some interesting ATC decisions. The point of this post is Ground and tower need to be able to communicate, I don’t have the solution quiet figured out but I’m sure there is one.

Call sign- Rhody01
1 runway with no option to taxi to the active end unless I back taxied on the runway.

I was cleared to taxi and hold short of the active. Meanwhile tower had cleared traffic to land but I couldn’t hear him because I was up on Ground. The traffic landed and rolled out to the end did a 180 turn on the active and was waiting to clear the runway but couldn’t because I was there, being told to hold short. You can see this in the picture.

Then I was told to give way, which meant I needed to push back to give the airbus room to exit. Check out the pic of the radio transcript.

Anyway an aircraft never moves backwards once the tug is released and it’s on the taxiways. If ground and tower could communicate they could have worked this out. Or at least tower could have told the airbus to hold position on the active and then give me clearance to back taxi, which isn’t really the best option either but I wouldn’t have had to push back on the taxiway.

Anyway that’s the end of my little rant.


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That looks like PHNY - Lanai right? That’s a tricky airport :)

That looks like that Thomas Cook has just arrived and needs to get off the runway, you are supposed to give way to him in that case.

In airport without taxiway you need to ask tower for takeoff and tower said you to back taxi…so 1 contact ground for taxi,go to the line.2 switch into tower and he give you a comand for back taxi.correct ATC? @LSZH34 @Samuel123abc

Yes that is correct, but at Lanai there is only one exit, so always give arrivong traffic way.


I guess I left out some info. I was on ground frequency and cleared to taxi, then told to hold short of the runway but was never cleared for a frequency change to tower. Therefore I never heard what was going on with Tower and just waited at the hold short line. I did request a runway crossing to spark the ground controllers memory; which was unnecessary because he was waiting for the plane on 9 mile final and hadn’t forgot about me.

This is another side point some tower guys wont clear a plane for takeoff when there is a plane on final, even if its 10 miles away haha kind of crazy.

It is a tricky airport. However, it is your responsibility to switch over to tower frequency when first in line for takeoff. It’s not the perfect scenario and what would happen in real life. But that’s the way it is.

“Contact tower when ready” would be the key words there, if you change and ground needs you on their frequency they will send you and on guard :)

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Hey Steve!
I was on duty tower and ground. I think Samuel explained it well, but please PM me if there are any further questions.