Need some pointers

Hi everyone thanks for stopping by
Reason for this post is as follows

I recently took the BAVA induction test and sadly I failed

Whilst having a cargo hold sized whole in my pride/ ego
I’m determined to pass can any one provide me with some pointers
1 area I’m unsure is papi lights. Are they the lights that carry reference to the glideslope displaying,
white over white your high
red over white your alright
Red over red your dead

Any assistance will be greatly received in this simple yet somewhat grey area for me

I’ve requested study points not sure if I’m allowed them

Mny thanks


Have a look at this great video by Captain Joe:

If you will still have any questions, let us know;)

White on White - Check your height!
Red on White - I’m alright!
Red on Red - I’ll be dead!


Captain Joe has some good info on his channel.

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Cheers guys I’ll check it out on a long haul FAOR EGLL at the moment should be on the ground 1930GMT

Sadly, most of the answers in the test can be found through google. Unless the question asks for definition, but nonetheless the answers are very different from each other. So it’s either this or that.

Unlike the IFATC test…

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On the ground @ EGLL


We include these tests to ensure you have some basic knowledge in aviation. There’s absolutely no shame in asking for help, we all started somewhere and it’s great to reach out and make use of this very knowledgeable community, and learn something new while you’re at it!

Hopefully we’ll be able to see you in our VA soon, if you’re still up for joining.

Best Wishes,
-BAVA Temporary Deputy President, Flight Supervisor.


Captain joe is a very go source of info

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