Need some Japanese help!

Hi everyone!

Infinite Flight was recently featured on a Japanese TV show called Downtown DX. I’ve been unable to find the source for this but we’d love to watch a clip. Do any of you know how to track it down?

Here is their Twitter account:

This photo was originally posted to the Instagram story of a Japanese volleyball player. I’ve chatted with them but they’re not sure if the video exists online.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


I was able to find a forum that offers a variety of Downtown DX episodes, available for download, with the latest from 09.30.21. All necessary information is below.

  • Step 1: Install the MEGA (← iOS Link) app.

  • Step 2: Create an account on the Gaki No Tsukai Fan Page Forum.

  • Step 3: Select the “Downtown DX” folder.

  • Step 4: Choose the episode you’d like to download.

  • Step 5: Click “Show” and download the .zip file below the image.

  • Step 6: Open the .zip file in a text editor and copy and paste the text (this will be the decryption key needed for the next step).

  • Step 7: Head back to the forum and click the link above the image to open the .mp4 file in MEGA.

  • Step 8: Paste the decryption key from the .zip file (should have copied already).

  • Step 9: Enjoy watching!

Let me know if you would like photos outlining the steps the better explain the instructions.

Please note that I do not know which date the Infinite Flight clip premiered. I am simply showing you how to use this website to access the video(s) in case the clip is there.


Woah… I don’t need it that badly but thank you for the effort! 😅


Wow that’s great! I have access to the full show on a Japanese streaming website called Tver, I’ll see if I can share it with you here :)

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This is the full show:

I am not sure if there’s gonna be difficulties accessing it from outside of Japan or not, but if you skip to 1:19:47 you can see the game :) It also doesn’t have English subtitles so…

It was part of a thing where you go through phones of the people that’s on tv, and one of them had Infinite Flight and FR24


Just gave the link a go… Once you click “play” it redirects you to the app on the app store. Without a VPN, you’re unable to download the app.

Just for anyone who’s wondering…

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oh dang it, that’s a bummer…

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VPNs aren’t that hard to get your hands on, so I feel anyone who’s willing to put the effort in will end up being able to watch it. 🤞

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@TAI maybe of assistance 🙂

I mean someone could screen record it and send it.

Please don’t break any rules, laws, or copyrights for this 🙂

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Let me know if you want a clip.


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