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Hello everyone, I have been using b777-200ER ever since the update 20.1 came out. I just wanted to know what are the new added liveries? I don’t know which are new ones and which are old ones. I guess IFC will help me. Thank You.

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From this: Updated IF Database with All Aircraft, Liveries & More

  • 777-200ER Infinite Flight - 2015 has been removed
  • 777-200ER American Airlines has been added (New Livery)
  • 777-200ER Austrian has been added
  • 777-200ER Infinite Flight - 2019 has been added
  • 777-200ER Nordwind Airlines has been added
  • 777-200ER TAAG Anlgola Airlines has been added
  • 777-200ER Ukraine International Airlines has been added
  • 777-200ER Varig has been added

One other livery note, the American OneWorld livery was changed from having the old livery backdrop to the new one


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