Need some help

Guys, just wanna ask about something.

Yesterday, I was doing Vancouver to Hong Kong, and during cruise when I was about 2 hours during the flight, I suddenly started experiencing extreme turbulence (or whatever it is), and although it was almost a direct headwind of 130 knots, my wings started to rock from side to side, it might’ve banked about 30 degrees at one point. I didnt change any settings on autopilot and it just happened suddenly…

Is this normal or what? I don’t want it to happen again because I had to divert to South Korea because I had less fuel because of the experience…

any help would be very very helpful.

I’m doing San Francisco to Hong Kong today,and I dont want it to happen again…


What aircraft and altitude where you at?

Yes that is normal. I was doing a flight between Toronto and LaGuardia. For the first thirty minutes the winds were at like 3kts. And then suddenly the winds kicked up to 150kts.

Yeah, winds with such a high velocity (>100kts) usually come with a side of severe turbulence, so having your airplane rock around a good bit is pretty normal.

If you want to avoid that turbulence, I suggest trying to find an altitude with less turbulence, or maybe deviating from your flight plan to avoid the patches.

The 777-300ER if you were using it, has some problems where it rocks up and down. Also, even though you have a direct headwind, it can still be very bumpy, especially over the Pacific

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What speed were you at? This may be a factor.


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