Need Some Help from IRL Pilots

Hey guys!
Uve been a helpful bunch always. And i need a big help now. I want to talk to some IRL commercial pilots who are a part of this community and also some who are in the making. I have to make a big career decision and i hope u can be helpful!

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Two people that pop into mind are @DeerCrusher and @IFATC_Andrew. There are many other pilots as well on this forum, but how about you shoot these two lads a DM first :)

Transport Hub


Also @Erj145 and @Yuan_Tugo


You can also open a Private Message with them and they will direct you to the appropriate IRL PILOT.
Have a good day.

Ok thanx . Thanx to everyone who replied :)

If you’re happy to have the thread run public then ask away here.

If you want to keep it private then feel free to PM me.

Might take a little while to get back to you but I will do my best to answer questions.


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Any way we can help, we will :) PM or public ask away


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