Need Some Help Finding A STAR Chart

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I am currently en route from SNA-DEN. I made my flight plan using FPLtoIF and was told to do the PEEKK THREE Arrival into Denver. When I went to FlightAware to pull up the STAR Chart, I got this…

Clicking “Download PDF” does not work

I don’t know if this is no longer an active arrival procedure into DEN or if my computer is being weird. I was wondering if anyone could pull up the PEEKK THREE STAR into DEN airport on FlightAware and post it below so I can see.

Thanks for the help!

Checking SkyVector, this chart also isn’t there anymore, it seems this STAR has been retired.

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I checked VirtualHub and AirNav didn’t see it.

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Thanks for giving my home airport some love!


I found an image of it, but it’s really blurry. Maybe try a different STAR?


Oh, ok, good to know. I will have to use a different arrival then. Thanks!

Ya, I found that same pic as well but it was blurry for me too. I will just try to find a different STAR then.

On the other hand, the STAYY THREE SID out of SNA pulled up just fine 😂

Ah…I know that SID quite well!

Have a nice flight!

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Just checked, his requested STAR is not in their list. Looks like a majority of the STARs are new or changed recently, according to their database.

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Well, appreciate the help guys. I will just find a different STAR to use.

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Yea and can’t find it on sky vector either

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