Need some guides

Guides i cant find:

  • How use throttle on every plane (means not exceed N1, and going so fast to hit over 200 knts after t/o)
  • How to climb realistic, not so fast too.

Hi there,
Some of these are from the non-reworked versions of aircraft but won’t be too dissimilar

Hope this helps :)

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I’d recommend scanning through the #ground-school:community-tutorials category! Many useful resources to find there!

A little research does wonders 😉

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Hi @Shafran,

Most of your questions will be answered in this video, if you prefer a more visual format.

Safe flying :)

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Also how i can decide, what V/S i need to climb Cruise altitude? :)

Depends on aircraft type really… For the reworked aircraft you can (if I’m correct) check the topics in the category I mentioned earlier!

Thats first thing i was did, and there is nothing info about it… :(

You might skipped over some then.

This is for the B777, check the QRG:

It’s there, just requires some attention to research and read.

This is not what i want 😮‍💨😅

Then what is it? We’re not really here to do research that can be done by a user themselves. You asked for the V/S to climb to cruise, it is in the post I linked, once again, check the QRG. The issue is that there isn’t really a set guideline on v/s, it’s something that differs per aircraft, its weight, weather conditions etc.

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@Shafran something like this that you’re looking for? Got all departure information. Including VS, N1 etc.


Will do, just don’t ask for help if you’re only going to turn down what’s offered.

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Something like that yes, but for all aircraft, and i need some steps of calculations how to calculate true realistic, climb V/S.

With love, Shafran❤️👀

Surprise surprise, that photo comes from the topic @Jw2004 kindly linked. I’ll leave it at that. 🤫🫠


Your pictures says, 2.000-3.000 fpm v/s, is this must be chosen by pilot, with what V/S he is gonna climb?

Depends on weight


There’s a lot of variables when it comes to N1 and vertical speed, there are also lots of guides out there that you can read and use to have a professional flight.


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