Need some controllers for a large alliance event in a busy airport

We will fly an South California and have our big event whilst many people are flying. So we need people to control crowds and split pilots between who’s in the event and the people that aren’t. If your interested please PM me ASAP.

Link to event: [CLOSED] Spring Break Celebration Alliance Event (Emirates, Etihad and KLM) @ KLAX - 071700ZAPR17 - #15 by Harris_Carvel

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I’m not sure that’s allowed…

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I would recommend not having your event in SoCal… Too many new pilots. But it’s your choice! If you decide to chose a different region, IFTSATC would be happy to help out with ATC!


No that isn’t allowed you’re right.


Why is it not allowed? It seems perfectly fine to me, and there even a command that says event in progress airport closed.

SoCal in TS1 is always busy anyway, might be better to have it on the casual server even if there isn’t any ATC.

Plus the time you plan on having it will be FNF so a lot of ATCers will probably be busy with whatever the FNF event is this week.

What’s. It allowed. What are you referencing?

That’s for FDS events not some random
Event a community member posts. You can’t close an airport for your event sorry.

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You don’t get in trouble many people have done it before

Oh I guess that makes it right huh 🙄


Look, everyone else is jumping off a cliff with no parachute… I can do it too. Logic.😏


Crowd control… And TS you do understand those don’t go together at all

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