Need some advice

Hello infinite flight family please give me advices because I just reached grade 2 .

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A great way to get XP and Landings is doing patterns. You can land once every 30 seconds. A great way to get XP and Flight time is Long haul flights.

Here would be some useful tutorials.


First of all, welcome to the Infinite Flight Community, or as we call it IFC.

Like what @Chicago_Aviator said,
Do holding patterns, or short haul flights within the 30 minute to 2 hour range. This’ll rack up a quite a bit of flight time and landings. For more flight time, start a 10+ hour flight before sleeping and when you wake up, you’ll have a shorter flight to deal with.

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Try to:
-Avoid violations
-Gain xp like you were told

I believe these are essential on growing, keep on the hard work! Wish you luck in Grade 2 and beyond!

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Thank you so much infinite family for the advice


Hi 👋🏻

Infinite Flight has some tutorials on YouTube, they will help a lot if you want to improve in the sim. ;)

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Thank you so much for the help people

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Firstly congrats you have reached grade 2. Here are some personal advices for you:

  1. NEVER troll on TS. It is very ridiculous and annoying.
  2. Follow ATC instructions
  3. Understand pattern such as left downwind, right base, L/R traffic and so on.
  4. Watch the tutorials on IF YouTube(I will link them later)
  5. Try to explore the world. You can fly to some beautiful places such as Miami, Sao Paulo, Himalayas and so on. Try not to always fly in London or California, US. They are quite boring.
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welcome to the communty. do long haul flights to get xp, do touch and goes etc, follow atc instructions at all times, it will prep you for the expert server etc, and just enjoy.

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Congratulations on making the next grade. Soon enough you will be Grade 5.

Thank you guys for you wonderful advices

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Very welcome

Welcome to the IFC!
Now that you’re on Grade 2, here are things you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T do:

-Practice flying skills
-Be serious, no matter in the simulator or community
-Actively involve in the IFC!
-Follow ATC instructions

-Fly circles above LAX with an F22
-Cause trouble on TS (like trolling)
-Post anything off-topic
-Ignore ATC

I hope you will have a good time on IF! Enjoy!

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