Need Pilots for Surprise Promo Video @ MMTJ - 241600ZAUG16

@Brandon_McIntosh, sorry, but we can’t communicate with you, which is a huge problem! :(

Come next to me please!

Ok coming nkw

I’m recording now!

Ok do we just follow you

How are you communicating?

Do we just follow you? How do we communicate

Okay, we need one more person in a 787!

They just left

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Anybody else available?

I don’t know. Also where are we flying and how do we communicate

Stay together, Altitude: FL150, speed at 300KTS

Ok. VS? Also what speed below 10,000

Make a FPL I’ll copy it

The V/S is 2500 FPS.

Ok. are u going to make a FPL

Okay, I’ll make one!

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@Bulba are u getting this

@The_Greatest_Basket, are you available?

yeah I am. @Neal_Jha

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