Need Pilots for Surprise Promo Video @ MMTJ - 241600ZAUG16

I meant 737 …

Ok lol I will

I was in a 737 before this so whatever

Come in the gate next to me …

@Bulba, where are you? You were supposed to be here!

Ok sure thing

Who is Lord Tare @PlanesForLife

He’s helping us! I need him to come!

Lord Tare? He’s right behind us

Yeah … need him to come next to us!

And he just left…

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Yeah, he PMd us!

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Not me lol

Come in a 757 please! Sorry!

Omg fine lol it’s my fav plane anyways

Erm what’s going on right now

I don’t know! I had a feeling this would happen!

Lol we need to be able to communicate with everyone

Switch to Expert Server! @LordTare and @Neal_Jha

Alrighty then