Need Pilots for Surprise Promo Video @ MMTJ - 241600ZAUG16

This time, I only need 3 pilots. So the first 3 people to PM me will get to be in the video! Remember this is a surprise! So don’t tell anyone!

What server?

Expert Server this time, since it easier!

Okay, not for me then. :(

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Okay, PM anyway!

I’ll come. Is that 1700 zulu time?

Nope, in 45 minutes!

Do you have Expert server access?

Yes I have expert server access. I’ll be there

So can I come @PlanesForLife I PMed u

Okay, @Neal_Jha, you can’t come? We need 1 more pilot!

Nope can’t come, don’t have the 787-8 only -9

Okay, come in a 737-700

Oh ok sure thing

@PlanesForLife I’m here where are you

Traning Server 2 … where are you?

Oh I thought it was expert server

Training Server … come in a 737-700!

You typed 737 but ok

Ok here in a 757