Need of a website creator

Hello IFC!,

Hope all is good,I was looking for a good website creator for making a booking website so is there anyone who could help me.?



Do you need someone who can do actual code, or could you use a program where you can just make the website yourself (like, or something else?

If there is one, I would suggest PMing him.

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Nope,I need who can do hand coding

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coding of what?

Website!.for further info pm me.

Is there a specific coding-language requirement? (I think that’s what @Senneca was asking)

HTML,CSS, PHP?? each langauge does different things.

Or does it not really matter as long as they can make a website @Prasoon_S ?

I highly doubt he will need a coder though. There are some very powerful website creation tools out there where you hardley need to know any front end coding languages.

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Anyway, if anyone can make a website by code, then PM racerhell513. Otherwise, I don’t think it’ll be necessary to respond on this post anymore.

Hey @Prasoon_S,

I don’t really think this is the appropriate place to find a website creator. Unless you are building a VA and you want someone to create your VA website, anything else is not either Infinite Flight or forum related. If you did found one, continue in a PM as our fellow members said above. If not, then #general or any other category is not suitable for this need.

Please confirm whether you want someone to create a VA website or you want someone to code something that is not IF related


If it’s so then mods can close this and I’m sorry ,I was unaware of this.

Everything above is good advice. You also need to be more clear in your expectations.

“I need a website” is far different from “I need a website with a secure login area with a back end database interface”. You need to have a plan of what you want. How many pages, features, etc. Do you have hosting or are you going to use a free host? What about a domain name? Most developers just do what is asked so you need to have an idea ahead of time.

You also need to consider the developer and trust level. You are giving passwords to a stranger so be sure to fully vet the person and get some things in writing about who owns what. You don’t want your pages deleted one day for no reason.


Will do it asap