Need information regarding the AA 777-300ER operations

So I am planning on doing a AA hubs this is where I do hub to hub flights 1 of my aircraft is the American 777-300ER now back before COVID-19 between 2013-2019 did the AA 777-300ER operate at CLT PHX PHL and ORD?

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The 77W does not (and never has) operate at any of those hubs for AA, only at Miami, JFK and LAX. Philly, Charlotte, Phoenix and Chicago only get the -200


Don’t forget DFW


So it would be unrealistic to fly the 777-300ER in those hubs?

He connects answer. Ethan.

Yes it would be, those hubs only get the 772 and 787 (and Ethan is right about DFW)


That is so dumb its basically like United where they only operate at certain hubs

Huh? But them discussion about aircraft AA 77W and not else United at hubs?

United only operates the 777-300ERs and 787-10s at EWR LAX SFO and now starting at ORD and not at IAH DEN or IAD

So the AA 777-300ERs operations are similar to the UA 777-300ER and 787-10 Operations

Okay, About do make not a mistake, change the topic about the information AA Boeing 777-300ER Hubs at DFW, JFK, LAX, MIA, ORD, and CLT only and not take a service at PHL or PHX isn’t available yet and short rush hours just more than 300+ during passengers on the service the trips Domestic stay in America.

You’re correct in regards to United’s 777-300ER and 787-10 operations at IAH and DEN. United, however, has two daily departures and two daily arrivals at IAD using the 787-10.





With respect to the topic at hand, @NoahM is correct. I have never seen an American 777-300ER at any of the listed airports. Sure, from time to time, a -300ER may have been used as an equipment swap, but these airports do not have designated service with this aircraft from AA.

Why this is, I do not know. My guess is it has to do with demand, but one can only speculate.


It’s also because there is not enough space at some of these airports CLT only has 2 heavy parking gates correct me if I am wrong and PHL is not that big as well ORD my guess is because United has more operations there making it hard for American and PHX again to small of an airport LAX the only reason American operates the 777-300ER is because of high demand DFW is a huge airport so why wouldn’t they operate them there JFK same reason they operate at LAX high demand MIA is an AA hub only so they practically own the airport so why not operate the 777-300ER there much like the reason they operate at DFW

Some of the routes they are operating using the -200 and -300 are not precovid routes. Some of them are though. A lot of the -300 stuff was international. Now they are just trying to keep them in shape. Once everything goes back to normal, they will most likely stop using the -300 on all the domestic routes and return to international. Hope this helps

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Anything helps

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