Need Info about VA BASE

I need some help in doing the initial setup and installing VA BASE

Hi, I run VABase ay my VA and here is what I can tell you.

When you buy the API key, go into your account on and go to downloads and download the latest version.

Next, you must buy a hosting (I recommended, because it eliminates the need for a program like FileZilla to upload the files and it’s not too pricey)

Once you open your panel on Hostinger, you must buy a domain (which they ask you to do after you purchase Hostinger)

One in your hosting panel, go to “import website” and select your .zip file that you downloaded from VABase.

Once it says installation complete, there will be a button that directly linked you to your website and your file manager. Click on file manager and open public_html. Then go into your config.php file and add in the API key where it tells you to. There will be other instructions on the page (like “enter your domain” and other things like that)

To get your google maps API key, use this link to follow a tutorial and paste in in config.php.

In order to customize the site with your colors, open the assets folder, then go to CSS. In style.CSS is where you will find the ability to customize the colors on your site. It could be a little confusing where to put each color, so I recommend using the Google inspector tool to figure that part out.

Then, you can go to each individual file and edit the website with your own branding. If you do not know a lot about coding, it is a hard system to master.

If you need any help at all, I have been customizing my VABase site for months (click here to see it) so you can PM me at anytime for more questions or help with hosting. I’d be happy to help to do anything for you if you need it.

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