Need Ideas for a Helpful IF Tool to Create

I have suggestions, but its not gonna be an easy one 😅.

I use many different applications to support flights on IF, but have noticed that none are completely perfect and also its getting a little crowded in terms of actively used apps…

That’s why im thinking of making/having one big IF Companion App that has it all.

Thing that should be implemented in this Super IF app:

  • LiveFlightApp (but with flight lines and updated
    airplane images and terrain)
  • IF PAX (Simulate pax on flights and satisfaction, in Landscape mode)
  • IF Assist (Simulate Co-Pilot (call-outs, V-speeds, etc.)
  • Flightplanner (Make flightplan+ convert for IF)
  • Inbuild weather + Metar (pref. Windy)
  • Gate maps (downloadable per airport or redirect to image)
  • IF Speeds for T/O, climb, cruise, descend, Landing and taxi (based on the All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (Version 20.1 Wiki!))
  • Active IFATC areas

I might think of more things later xD
But the idea is to have one Godmode app 🙌😇 that you can use for all your common IF business.

I understand this is quite much to ask for. But im more interested in knowing how realistic this is to build/have in the future. Maybe you could give it a brainstorm 😂🤯.