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Hey everyone I’m new to IF and I’ve been doing a flight from KLAX (los angeles) to UUEE (moscow) and cruising at fl300 I cannot go past IAS 350kts and isn’t my flight going to take really long ? Am I the only person that finds the crusising part boring as their not that much to do ? What does Wilco mean ?


Well, you should be able to cruise at a certain Mach speed. Depending on your aircraft it should be .84-.86.

Wilco just means “will comply”

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Welcome in the joyful world of simulation.


Yes, it can be boring, but as the staff like to keep it realistic, they follow FAA speed restrictions.

Do long hauls overnight. Takeoff before going to sleep then land after you wake up.


Hello, first of all, If you go beyond FL280, we switch the speed to mach, so your cruising speed should be between 0.82m-0.84m for long-range. Also, cruising, specially for long-haul flight are usually boring, I suggest you to go do something else while at cruising. At last but not least, Welcome to Infinite Flight and Community, I hope you enjoy your flight sir, happy landings!

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  1. Why are you cruising at FL300?
  2. You can go past 350 kts. after FL280, when it switches to Mach. Then set your speed the Mach cruising speed for that aircraft. (example: B77W’s cruise speed is Mach 0.84)
  3. Yes, it will take a long time. KLAX-UUEE usually takes around 13 hours.
  4. Take off right before you go to bed, and land when you wake up. Just make sure to figure out when you are close to the airport so you can land the plane so you’re not circling for 3 hours ;)
  5. Wilco = Will Comply
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Yes…you’re flying to Moscow from Los Angeles. Of course it takes a while.

Anyway, the speed you should be concerned with is ground speed. That’s how much ground you’re covering per unit of time, not airspeed.

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You won’t be able to exceed 350kts indicated (if that’s the limit of the particular aircraft you’re flying) even when you’re flying at a Mach number.

What IF is missing is an indication of true airspeed (TAS) which will be about 450-500kts at typical cruise Mach number and altitude.

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