need help

hello just walked in live + … Not realized difference between live so as to not be unlocked aircraft and airports’m new and I’m learning phase someone explain to mebetter what are the resources that change without being so aircraft and airportsIt has new functions improvements ??

Nope, just the added benefit of less money and better value.

you unlock all the airports and airplanes once you have bought live plus

Yep, but other than that, no difference.

You also get the 737-700 BBJ which has the autoland feature. And you will get any new region or planes that is released as well.

Wait @Thomas_Hense. I usually just get monthly live so if I bought the year one I would get everything and that would stay after the subscription runs out?

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Highly recommend to purchase live for one year if you can,you will be able to access into any planes and airports.

I don’t see the point in buying.
If you play this for years, you will continue to have everything at less than you would pay monthly.

And when you lose interest in the sim, you won’t be able to sell what you purchased anyways.

I would recommend monthly just to see if it is something you think you may play for the next 12 months. I paid monthly for my first five months before getting the yearly subscription.