Need Help With Video

Exactly what the title says
I just need a bunch of people (and by bunch I mean a lot) to spawn into gates at KLAX and just stay there for about 10 minutes

Server: Casual
Airport: KLAX
Gates: Any gates in Terminal 5
Aircraft/Livery: Any commercial airliner
Time: Dec 29 2300Z

Please comment down below if you can make it

(Here’s a preview to the video if anyone wants to view it:


Which server do you want us in?

i guess casual would be the best

i should probably put that in the post


Sorry I can’t make it. Would if I could though

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that’s fine
thanks for looking into the topic though

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I will be there sound cool

and also thanks for the youtube subscription :p

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You can photoshop an image so it appears that there are multiple planes flying together. (Or parked, in your case.)

Just give me an image and I can do for ya



i thought about doing that but I’m trying to make a drone shot bokeh effect of flashing strobes, becons, etc

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Ah. I see. Well, okay then.

but thanks for the suggestion

I have a bit of extra time in my hand, I can come help out.

Suggestion for planes? Gates?

I don’t really care about what plane it is as long as it is a commercial airliner
as for the gates, any gates in Terminal 5 will be good enough
thank you

The preview is fantastic, nice work so far.

I’d be happy to participate, Any specific aircraft type or liveries you’d prefer to be used?

thank you
i will be updating the post right now to clarify some things

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it’s now right now
it’s going to happen at 2300z
sorry for not clarifying

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Just spawned in with a 777 @ T5, anything else I need to do?

its at 2300z not right now
sorry for not clarifying

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alright no worries, I’ll go fly somewhere else in the meantime :)

I’d be happy to help. Will you give an update closer to the time as well?