Need help with the yoke

Whenever I pull up or turn the yoke doesn’t turn with me so whenever I want to pull up I can’t please help me. The yoke seems to be stuck.

Is your autopilot on?

No I checked that. I was taxiing to a runway.

Have your tried reinstalling Infinite Flight?

Wait I will try that now.

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image For the ground part, make sure you have this enabled if you want to turn on the ground by tilting. What are you settings for the yoke?


Hi John!
It is highly possible that your accelerometer is broken, please try restarting your device, it should fix the issue.

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I agree with Kevin. Before you go straight to reinstalling, you should always restart the app, check your settings, restart your phone.

This is a known issue. It’s been happening for years now although it’s rare. Restart your device and it will be sorted.

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