Need help with the speed limit and altitudes

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This is akshay. I’m in grade 2. I want to know what is the highest speed limit in the game is it 340kts or we can go more than that?

For comercial aircraft its 249kts below fl10 and 349kts above fl10

The more you go high, the speed limit will decrease, but it’s because that if you go higher you will go faster even with same airspeed
But there is some planes that have limits to 0.90 and other 0.87 Mach

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If you were an f22 you could go more than 349 above 10,000 👌

Above 10,000ft you will need to be monitoring the red markers on the HUD’s speed indicator, and note (as per the post above) that the speed limit in knots decreases as you climb.

You should always monitor the aircraft as you climb, or you risk overspeeding. This is particularly important for aircraft you are not familiar with. For instance, if you’re in a Dash 8 and are going up to 24,000ft, you should not exceed 240kts at any point as you’ll be near the limit when you get to cruise.

Always recommend sticking to the normal cruise speed for aircraft, as per published information online.


Don’t forget too that if you go faster you burn more fuel. Just because you can go 0.87 Mach in a A320 or 737 does not mean it’s realistic. The realistic speed for those aircraft is 0.78 Mach

Speed limit depends on aircraft characteristics, aircraft weight, altitude, wind, etc.
There’s some good info above. Let us know if you have a question about a specific aircraft, or have a good search on this forum.

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I’ll also add that controlling your speed is very important if you hope to fly on the expert server. Controllers hate if you bust into their airspace going insanely fast and ruining their sequence

speed limits (from real world) at ascent and descent?

also is there any limit above 10,000ft we should be aware of (again from real life) to make our own flying experience more realistic?

Here are the speeds for every aircraft at cruising if you want to be realistic Mach 78 at cruising 737-900 737-800 737-700 A320 A321 Dash Q400 360 knots

Heavy aircraft
Mach 0.85 at cruising 777W 777-200 A380 A330 A340 747-400 747-8 787-8 787-9 787-10

Cessna citation X Mach 0.90
TBM-930 Cruises at 330 knots
Cessna 208 170 knots
Only put them speeds up to this over 10000 Ft hope this helps.

You will see other aircraft with reported speed higher than 340kts, however that is because you will be seeing their Ground Speed. This tutorial explains the difference in the speeds that you will see.

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