Need help with the game

Is there a update or something because the game ran great on my iPhone 8 Plus and I have a iPhone XS plus and it’s laggy and running kinda slow. If this keeps up I’m gonna have to stop playing it because it’s annoying. If anyone has an answer please tell me.

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What are your graphics settings? If they’re on high, try setting them to medium or low, that might help some. And check to see if your limit frame rate is on. You can also check if your Anti-Aliasing settings. All these could be factors in your issue.

Using an XS Max myself, no lag what so ever unless I’m at a super jammed airport of course. And even then it’s barely noticeable? :/

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What phone are you currently using for the game, it hasn’t been updated since the A350 update last month - how long have you had these issues?

Try completely shutting off your device and turning it back on, after that check your graphic settings, if that doesn’t work, delete the app then download it again!

if those don’t help, sorry! I have no clue

@Butter_Boi is correct below, do the steps in order

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A re-install is the last thing you should do, only if all else fails should you do that.

Just a couple days. I got the new phone last friday

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