Need Help With Text To Speech

I use the text to speech app during my flight because I made announcements for my flights. I have been using them on my iPad and using them while I fly, and my last flight the sound stopped working and then it crashed. So my current flight I’m doing my announcements on my iPhone while I’m flying on my iPad. I am noticing that it is pretty inconvenient to grab my phone and play them, and when they are on the iPad it is more realistic because it is all on the same device. Can anyone help me with a work around, or a way to get the announcements on my iPad and fly. Please let me know, thank you!

Out of curiosity, is this “TTS app” specifically built for IF?

While it may be inconvenient, using a second device will be the most helpful in preventing crashes.

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The app is not built for IF as far as I know.

There the issue will most likely lie. The app won’t be compatible with Infinite flight I imagine then and won’t be able to do multitasking.

The only way to continue using the app you are using is by using your phone as you are doing. Sorry!

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Thats ok, thank you for your help anyway!

Do you think I would be fine if I used text to speech on my notes app on my iPad?

Do you think my flight will be ok if I use the text to speech in my notes on my iPad during flight? I already use my notes during the flight with multitasking mode on the iPad for my flight details.

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