Need help with takeoff

Hey guys I just got one question when I’m taking Off why is my aircraft steering towards the wind on the runway

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Your plane is doing something called “weathervaning.” When the crosswind hits your plane, it pushes most on the rudder. This pushes the rudder with the wind and points your nose toward the wind.

You should counteract this by applying some rudder pressure away from the wind.

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Crosswind takeoff:

  • Angle your ailerons towards the direction the wind is blowing FROM
  • Sensible rudder input to counterbalance the wind

For more tips, please check this topic and the accompanying video. All the best 🙂

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Thank you for the help

I just watched a video that helped but I put 20 knots of wind from the east and I turn my yoke to the right and use rudder to stay on centerline but my aircraft steers to the winds and acts like there is no winds

don’t overcorrect the rudder or yoke as it may cause the aircraft to veer towards the wind in a harsh manner. A little bit of overcorrectness is fine, just don’t put everything to it’s extreme unless necessary.

Another factor is the wind, make sure it is trying to blow the aircarft sideways. Use the runway number as a reference as it represents iy’s heading e.g RW26, my crosswind would be ±90-30 degrees and set the speed to something reasonable

I have a video on what I mean while taking off add me on discord Alghanem#1860 if you want to help

If you are in a commercial airliner, make sure you wait until 10 - 50 ft to use the rudder and ailerons, other wise you will over correct it.

in an airline you crab down the the glideslope, what this means is that you make sure you align the FPV. It looks like a circle with a line on top of it I believe and it is small and not attached to any of the other HUD displays. Make sure The FPV is always aligned with the runway while gliding down the glideslope, then, right before your flare, you use aileron and rudder to counter the wind and center your aircraft.

This is not the same for smaller, lighter aircraft.

here’s a video if you haven’t already watched one. NEW tutorial OLD Tutorial

both work well.

For crosswind takeoffs, you proceed down the runway as usual and then when you see the wind blowing your aircraft you use the rudder to realign with the centerline, use a small amount of aileron pressure to keep you straight. Do this all while rotating out of the airport and you should gracefully lift off the ground.

TIP: One you are in the air, you don’t need any aileron pressure, and for the rudder, you slowly release the rudder until you are not applying anymore pressure. Then you are all set!

Crosswind takeoff tutorial:

Remember: Practice makes perfect, its difficult at first, but keep practicing and you’ll get it!

edit: Added some more info on crosswind takeoff and landing.

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