Need help with SID/STARs

I need help to put SID/STARs into my flight plan. I have watched the tutorials but I still don’t understand. I want to fly from Montreal to Zurich. Could someone help me put the correct SIDS for CYUL and the correct STARs for LSZH into my FPL?

If you utilise and choose simbreif —> Infinite flight it will add the corrects SIDS and STARS for the appropriate runway in use at the time. You can then copy that and paste it straight into inline flight without having to do anything further.

Hope that helps :)

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I’m not sure since there is a space to manually add SID/STARs.

For the SID, follow the procedure for whichever runway you’re departing from.

From this link, you can find a few STAR charts to choose from depending on the runway. Just enter the waypoints into your flight plan.

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I’m unable to find the correct STARs for Zurich.

I’m not sure what you mean. The ones I linked are all published arrivals for LSZH.

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