Need help with restoring purchases

Hi I got infinite flight on my phone a while ago and bought some airplanes. They finally put infinite flight on the Kindle fire eight Amazon App Store and I bought it. I signed in with Facebook and tried to go and restore my plane purchases but I can’t restore my planes and I looked on my phone where the restore button is but it not in the same place as the kindle. I do not know if the kindle has a restore button or not. Can someone help me figure this out. Thank you for your time.

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One thing that’s pretty relevant here first of all, on what device did you use IF previously to buying your Kindle?

Reason i ask, is because IAP’s (aircrafts & regions bought in Infinite Flight) are not transferable between different platforms.


Hey there,
What type of phone do you have?
The only thing that you can transfer from device to device is your live account, that is connected by google, or Facebook. Your purchases such as airplane’s and regions are connected through your play store, Apple Store, or fire store. You cannot transfer your purchases from a different brand device to another brand device.

I hope this helps. Cheers!

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The phone that I have is the iPhone 7 @JRRaviation

Thank you for your help

I previously bought it on my iPhone 7

Yep the only thing that can be transferred is your Live account, planes and regions will only be transferred if you continue using the same eco system e.g. Android or Apple. Sorry about that but it’s just the way they work.

Ok thanks for the help


Not a problem, welcome to the Infinite Flight Community and I hope you enjoy your stay!