Need help with my landings

When I a coming down in any aircraft I can never get the plane to stay level or on centerline I tried low sensitivity and normal but it just wont stay still I see other players be able to land steady I just don’t know why I can’t.

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There are many factors whether the aircraft will go off a little bit. Was there any wind and are you using the rudder?

How much TRIM are you using? and What speeds are you coming into land at?

no most of the time I land with no wind on solo yet still drift off

around 7 to 10 I don’t want to over do it

and the speed around 140 kts

Are you using a joystick?

You are constantly ajusting the aircrafts position as you come into land, very rarley can you just get lined up and leave it

no I just hold my phone

I normally aim to use 40-50% TRIM and see how she holds, you need to keep moving it to hit the sweet spot

thanks I will try it now

I have a question do you guys use normal or low sensitivity

I use the default.

cool I used low for a long time then switched back

thanks for the advise I took only a few tries and I BUTTERD


If you find any trouble in the future, just remember to make very small movements with your device. Or try to look to the PAPI lights or just use auto land, it now flares for you and applies brakes

thanks I will make sure to remember

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