Need help with making a Flight Plan

Aircraft: TBM930 or any GA.
Estimate Flight Time: 1 to 1.5 hours depending on aircraft and how far off route you decide to go.

Route: OTI RA404 RA421 RF444 TIMOV RINAD D3150 MEDAL OST26 RF711 D2580 LIRF

The route leads you North/NorthEast from Rome into the hills where you can follow the valley through as it leads you NorthWest. You will clear the valley and gead west, down the coast before you make an approach into Rome.

I hope you enjoy it, and hope it is a nice tribute.

Again, I am so very sorry for your loss my friend. Safe Flying.


Thanks so much for making this

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Say no more 😊

Be right back 👀


I completely overlooked that you wanted to make a heart! Sorry mate, hopefully Balloons heart and my scenic loop will be 2 flights worth doing.


It’s okay much appreciated


Ok thanks!

Almost done 😊


Alrighty much appreciated

@Levet - You should create the event 😜


4613N/1415E 4713N/1339E 4747N/1256E 4822N/1154E 4844N/1050E 4850N/924E 4849N/808E 4840N/726E 4825N/640E 4803N/551E 4737N/511E 4707N/437E 4647N/418E 4622N/400E 4554N/344E 4515N/336E 4426N/334E 4330N/341E 4259N/350E 4223N/406E 4138N/436E 4056N/515E 4039N/537E 4011N/616E 3933N/713E 3917N/738E 3852N/822E 3820N/920E 3749N/1017E 3723N/1106E 3647N/1207E 3619N/1251E 3550N/1331E 3522N/1401E 3507N/1412E 3517N/1423E 3601N/1523E 3701N/1656E 3829N/1934E 3940N/2137E 4017N/2230E 4047N/2310E 4122N/2349E 4205N/2420E 4244N/2443E 4329N/2457E 4411N/2502E 4508N/2501E 4558N/2451E 4644N/2429E 4725N/2346E 4758N/2300E 4819N/2216E 4840N/2114E 4851N/2008E 4852N/1908E 4846N/1805E 4826N/1652E 4801N/1558E 4731N/1516E 4700N/1447E 4627N/1425E 4610N/1413E


Thank you so much

I couldn’t. You are a part of some of the elite here in the community with formatting and hosting. I’ll take the back seat on this one and leave your creativity and dedication to great projects like this. Nice job once again. Thanks everyone!


That looks amazing😮

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yes sure try rf706 to tupup to za631 to d195d to evuli to nap to om25 and then land on runway 25

I’ll participate for sure. Also, very sad to hear about your loss. Hope everything goes well.


I’m very sorry for your loss.

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Is there anyway to make the heart a tad bit smaller because the flight plan takes about 7hours

Sorry for your loss! Hope everything eases over the next couple of days. My Pms are opened if you need :)

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Thank you!🙏🏻

Please go check out the event I made for a tribute flight to my cousin

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