Need help with LNAV and VNAV

Can someone help me with LNAV and VNAV? Thanks!

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Well what specific aspects do you need help with?

In simple terms LNAV is to follow the Flight plan and VNAV is for when your at TOD for decent. It’ll do it by itself if activated

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I have a flight plan set but when I press LNAV nothing happens

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Are you flying?

First things first, I would highly suggest to take a look at the new official user guide. It includes all the information you should know prior to taking off.


Put altitudes in your flight plan

Yes at this moment

You have to be flying so that the plane can turn :)

Well LNAV should just follow your FLP. Just as NAV did in the old version.

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When I put the flight plan in. I doesn’t work it won’t follow it

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@shaanfliesplanes can you share a video of it not working.

Well it’s working now but thanks for the help!

I’m doing everything manual right now. Sucks cuz I thought it was going to be simple. Not really sure what TF I’m doing but I’ll keep looking at better instructions as they come. Too many videos on YouTube that have distracting music. I’m on approach into DFW now and doing everything the old way.

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personally I have been taking my time flying in Solo, then TS to check out ATC new features before going live on Expert. It is less stressful, I just find it easier that way. Some videos can help but no all are clear.

Thanks for the advice guys!

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