Need help with LiveFlight Connect

Hi, everyone .
I’ve got Live Flight Connect on my desktop .
after download everything is ok . but i can’t contact with my phone never

like that :( some help me

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I honestly don’t know what’s going on, but your PC’s not letting you run it. I’d select the option that says “Run Anyways” see what happens.

Did you have infinite flight connect enabled on your phone?

yes i did it but it doesn’t work

i’ll see so

I really don’t know what to tell you then. Never tried myself.

Hmm…let me get back to that windows times…

  1. Run Programm inAdministration mode
  2. Check firewall that it doesnt block your phone

Let it run.

ِِAnyway Thanks Zachary

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Good luck trying to figure that out!

Guys, the problem is not being able to connect his device to LiveFlight connect. The background image is just from the LiveFlight connect download page not from his actual PC.

Just like the dialog box says, make sure you’re in the same wifi network as your PC and and your IF device. If you go to Infinite Flight and click the settings gear in the top left corner of the main menu, you should scroll down and see “Infinite Flight Connect.” You should make sure that the option has a check in the check box. Spawn at an airport, make sure it’s on live and not solo, and on your LiveFlight connect window, the PFD will show up. If the PFD shows up, this means that LiveFlight connect is working. Hope this helps. :)


Make sure that your device and computer are connected to the same internet.
Go to settings (in fly online or fly solo) in your device then go to scroll down to the bottom in general then there should be “enable infintie flight connect” and tick the box. if that is done just choose a plane and region then press fly then they should connect.

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