Need Help with Flying Regulations with my Drone!

So in a couple of days I’m buying the Holy Stone 720 Drone and I also live 3 miles away from Chicago international Airport. So does anyone know how high I can actually fly the drone? Thanks 😊

Why don’t you check this out:

I know there’s some drone pilots on the forum, but none appear to be active. I am not a drone pilot, but I do hope that will help at least a little.

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Call a local flight school and ask to speak to a CFI. Without knowing your exact location in relation to an airport (regarding airspace), it would be tough to answer specifically. The general rule is no higher than 400 AGL, but there are also restriction on flights over populated areas, and especially in the vicinity of an airport.

The point being, get instruction and guidance from a CFI. Additionally, the FAA has a plethora of information on their website regarding safely and legally operating UAS in American airspace. I believe the link was mentioned above.

For what it’s worth, I have my FAA UAS certificate, among others, so I can’t stress enough the importance of getting good information before conducting any flights.


@Dubya is right. You could even contact O’hare and see what they have to say.

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Thanks for the information really appreciate it. 😁

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Yup! Have fun flying, and be safe! We don’t want to see ORD turn into America’s Gatwick… 😉


Part 103 will help a lot

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