Need help with Cessna and Cirrus Takeoff

I do not have live and I have the free planes and I need help to for takeoff ,I know there are winds but I would love for someone to give me a plane like a Cessna or cirrus for takeoff to be good I need like airspeed on takeoff and flaps(Cheers bye)


Hi, check the #tutorials category for some useful flight basics. :)

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Feel free to PM me! And as @Luke_Sta mentioned check over in #tutorials 👈🏻

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Here’s what I do for the Cirrus;
Power: 100%
Flaps: Lowest, but not clean
Initial Ascent Rate: 900 ft/minute
Initial Ascent Speed: 100 knts
Ascent Rate Above 5000 feet: 800 ft/minute
Ascent Speed Above 5000 feet: 125 knts

I normally turn on nav mode at 300 feet.


Thanks I will pm you @KPIT and also I will check tutorials and I am a bit confused @KaiM

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They’re just the settings I use @Helicopterzzz

So 100% power,rotate like at 100 and how much flaps

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And how is the weather because I think it’s the weather because I join at van nuys airport and test it

Power 100% N1, flaps lowest but not clean, rotate is around around 120 in normal weight configuration, and then the others are pretty self explanatory.

Is there a video for the cirrus how to takeoff (if yes do you have a link)

For the C172 rotation speed is about 70-80 kts… you be lucky to reach 120 in the cruise…


Ok thx I’ll try right now

Thx I got it now

The SR22 is designed to be fast. Vroom Vroom!


Cirrus SR22 Maneuver Profiles:
Normal/Crosswind Takeoff

  • Rotate at Vr (70-73 KIAS with 50% Flaps)
    o (Recommended Vr 0% Flaps is 80 KIAS)
  • Retract Flaps to 0%
    o Note: Ensure you have a positive rate of climb, are at a safe altitude above all obstacles, and above 80 KIAS prior to retraction.
  • Pitch for Vy (101 KIAS) or a cruise climb speed of 120 KIAS


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