Need Help with ATC

Im on approach in to HAAB (Final) decided to go around rn flying hearing 160.

I keep getting message to contact tower but I only have Unicom frequency available what should I do?

The controller is just closing and restarting as we speak. See if you can tune in now or in a second.

If you can’t see the frequency even when it’s active, you can check these out:

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Ok thanks I got like 5 warnings but can’t see it don’t want to get reported

If you haven’t seen the replies to the thread above, then turn flight mode on (or all connections off) until all aircraft disappear. Then re-connect and the frequency should appear.

And now I got gosted honestly this game is triggering me

Contact the person who ghosted you and explain your situation.

IDK if I even gonna bother im really done paying for something and then getting reported for nothing

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This seems to be an app glitch, it will be probably be reversed since you seem to have not done anything in this situation. Just PM the controller or person who reported you, as they are the only one who can help you here

Some of the controllers have been having app crashes and connection issues whilst controlling a frequency. Pilots should also use best judgement when flying. if you see another aircraft on final about to land, use common sense and make a go around don’t land at the same time as that person. Pilots are just as responsible as the ATC in certain situations. After all it’s the expert server.


The runway was clear announced 3-4 times got reported for Take off/Land without permission. Why am I even paying for this game when ATC just abuse their powers, honestly not my problem that they have app crashes on my screen there was only ground open. Here proof

In that situation, explain to the controller and it’ll be reversed. Please PM @Arthur

Pointless rants on here isn’t going to do anything. We all make mistakes and face connection issues at times. For a resolution, always contact the controller involved. If you can’t find that person, then of course seek help from the IFC that’s what were here for!

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PM me please

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Can’t even PM you post got flagged honestly im not bothered re wring it.

There’s no need to stir up drama publicly. Just contact the controller and sort it out, and move on from there. No need to rant how they abuse powers and the simulator is trash.

Starz, im just going off the facts i’ve got

Doesn’t mean it has to be said publicly. Some opinions just need to be shoved Deep Deep deep deep deep down and kept to yourself.

We’ve given you clear instructions on what to do to get a resolution to this. Please don’t keep on with these comments.


Okay okay, let’s all settle down. We’ll get this sorted out once the emotions come down a bit. Thanks for your help everyone.

Blue Skies!